Program at-a-glance


     Session Category:
     Agricultural and Food Biotechnology  
     Applied Microbiology    
     Biopharmaceutical and Medical Biotechnology  
     Biocatalysis and Protein Engineering  
     Bioprocess and Bioseparation Engineering  
     Bioenergy and Biorefinery    
     Environmental Biotechnology    
     Marine Biotechnology    
     Nanobiotechnology, Biosensors and Biochips  
     Systems and Synthetic Biotechnology  
     Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials  
     Bioindustry and Biobusiness    
     The 3rd AFOB-EFB Joint Symposium on Applied Biocatalysis
     AFOB-EFB-SBA Joint Seminar on Synthetic  Biology  
     Renewable Resource Engineering: In Honor of George T. Tsao
     AFOB-EFB Joint Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology
     AFOB-EFB Joint Symposium on Nanobiotechnology  
     AFOB-EFB Joint Student Seminar on Biotechnology of Proteins